Interim SASO

To expedite the launching of SADC Aviation Safety Organisation (SASO), at their meeting in October 2013, SADC Ministers of Transport and Meteorology approved establishing an INTERIM SASO SECRETARIAT until the SADC Council of Ministers approves the SASO Charter, outlining the legal and institutional framework for SASO.

Interim SASO Secretariat in Swaziland

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishing the Interim SASO Secretariat in Swaziland, and the Swaziland Hosting Agreement, were considered and signed in May 2015 by the Government of Swaziland and the Executive Secretary of SADC. COSCAP-SADC staff relocated to Swaziland in November 2015 to initiate the operationalisation of the Interim SASO as described in provisions of the MoU.

Two transitions identified towards establishment of the SASO:

  • From COSCAP-SADC Project to Interim SASO (iSASO) with the Project Coordinator and Project Staff transitioning to iSASO under the MoU with an Acting Interim Executive Director (iED(Ag)); and
  • iSASO to SASO under the SASO Charter with an Interim Executive Director (iED).

The Interim SASO Secretariat consisting of the Acting Interim Executive Director, Air Transport Economist and Administrative Assistant will continue as an interim arrangement until an Interim SASO Executive Director is recruited and the SASO is operationalised.

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