Continuing Surveillance

Surveillance is also one of the 6 broad categories of customer service provided by the SASO in support of the CAAs of the SADC Region.

Surveillance is an activity undertaken by Government Safety Inspectors (GSIs) after the CAA has issued a certificate. The purpose of surveillance is to ensure that certificate holders continue to maintain original certification standards as measured against relevant national regulations and current CAA policy.

GSIs from MOS States may not have training, knowledge, skill or experience in conducting certain types of surveillance activities. Such lack of training or experience may lead to issues the resolution of which may be facilitated through SASO assistance in the form of consultation, monitoring or OJT.

As stipulated in Article 7 - Functions of SASO and subject to Article 4.3 under Establishment of SASO, the continuing surveillance functions of the SASO shall include to:

  • provide technical assistance to non-Member States, subject to the approval of the Civil Aviation Committee;
  • provide the Member States with a focal point that deals with issues relating to certification and surveillance with a view to harmonize and standardize all related policies and procedures;
  • assist Member States perform certification and surveillance tasks; and
  • evaluate the status of aviation safety in the Member States through the conduct of aviation safety status assessments and other quality assurance activities;