Member States

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) comprises 15 Member States. Out of these 15, those that have signed the SADC Aviation Safety (SASO) Charter are referred to as State Parties to the SASO Charter. Work is in progress to get remaining Member States to sign and ratify relevant legal instruments and have them on board in the implementation of the SASO.

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Ministers Responsible for Civil Aviation

The Committee of Ministers responsible for Civil Aviation represents Member States and is responsible for the approval of:

  1. policies, strategies and programmes of SASO;
  2. SASO Annual Reports submitted through the SADC Secretariat;
  3. proposals for amendments to the Charter;
  4. annual budget of the SASO;
  5. annual audit reports covering operations and finance;
  6. the appointment, renewal or termination of employment service of the Executive Director of the SASO; and
  7. the appointment of the experts to constitute the ad hoc committee for dispute settlement under the Charter.

The Committee of Ministers is responsible for settlement of disputes in accordance with Article 16 of the SASO Charter.