Due to technological advancements, the evolving international standards and recommended practices and organisational needs, Members of SASO (MOS) States may request advisory services and assistance from SASO.

"Advisory Services" within this context means technical advisory services provided by SASO on request by any of the MOS states. This is a consulting service where SASO makes observations, findings, conclusions and recommendations provided to a requesting MOS State for consideration and decision making.

"Assistance" within this context means technical assistance provided by SASO to a requesting MOS State. Such assistance includes provision of specific technical solutions, documentation, and demonstration of processes (e.g. certification and surveillance) as well as training of national inspectorate staff.

As stipulated in Article 7 - Functions of SASO and subject to Article 4.3 under Establishment of SASO, the Advisory Services functions of the SASO shall include to:

  • provide information to the Member States and recommend necessary interventions or corrective measures for the resolution of constraints or deficiencies;
  • assist in ensuring that accident and incident investigations are conducted in compliance with ICAO Annex 13;
  • provide advisory services and assistance as the Member States may require; and
  • provide technical assistance to non-Member States, subject to the approval of the Civil Aviation Committee;